Comprehensive Expert Electrical Testing to Ensure Building Safety and Compliance

We are the Illinois’s leading provider of electrical installation inspections in Naperville. From early on in planning stages to ensure compliance, detect errors and minimize costs-we work with you every step along this journey!

Our comprehensive portfolio of services for electrical testing and inspection in Naperville Illinois includes:


  • Design review of electrical installations
  • Mandatory initial inspection of electrical installations
  • Periodical verification of electrical installations
  • Specific electrical safety inspections for insurers
  • Power measurement of electrical installations
  • Perturbation measurement of electrical installations
  • Electrical failure risk analysis
  • Technical advisory on how to design and use electrical installations
  • Lightning protection

The Importance Of Periodic Testing And Inspections: Fixed Wire Testing Frequency

There are two types of electrical inspections that you can perform on your property’s wiring. One is the periodic inspection, which should be done at recommended intervals ranging anywhere from 3-5 years or annually by percentage testing.

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